How to attain financial Freedom

Posted By on Sep 4, 2016 |

Being free from employment means freeing yourself from your own weakness and slavery. Financially stable means a lot more than being paid with a bigger salary from an employer. Being employed enslaves you from rules, regulations, and with your own maximum capacity to earn more than what you think can. Working for your own offers a lot of opportunity for you to grow as a person and a maker of money.


A lot of people think money is the hardest thing to gain when you are living in this world. But really, is it? People’s capacity to make money made limited by their own thinking and perception. Hacking up the momentum of becoming rich is solely depends how a person conceives it. Thus, making oneself financially free should start with them and believe they can do the best when they are in their own way. Here are things that you should consider if you want to become financially stable and free from the rule of money.

Make use of your skill.

A lot of people want to make themselves good with a lot of skills, but is that really the best deal when you want to make the best out of your life with doing a lot of improving a lot of things at a time? Probably not. Consider this: you will end up consuming most all of your time trying to be better with a lot of things, than hacking one and become the best. Making use of your gift will give you the greatest opportunity to stand out and thus convert the potential into money. Better things only stay on the second place, but the best ones prevail and soars.

Maximize your time

Indeed. If you want to attain financial freedom you must be able to maximize your time as it equates to money. This hack can be done with choosing the right choice as of priority vs urgent. You have to set your priority as it will be your ultimate goal to attain what you want. Do the things that leads you to accelerating on the roadmap of your success. Urgent things will only control you and thus hinder you on doing what is more important.


Invest and grow your resources.

eeExtra money should not be kept in your bank account; the percentage of growth is just small it doesn’t worth the time. Have your extra money enter in a more potent environment to grow. Considering this means investing the money to business, ranging from small to big scale. There might be risk along this, but the deal is far better than having it safe and unproductive. Remember, no risk-no gain.

Considering all these, including the ones you will also learn from Here, three will make you feel better of yourself in making money. Working on your own will never let you be dictated with anyone’s rule but yourself. And financial freedom will be the next step ahead of you as you take the door on unlocking your capacity and become the best version you can be.